How can we choose the insulation best suited for your home?

There are many factors that go into the choosing of insulation. The choice depends on many factors such as:

  • How much insulation in needed.
  • The accessibility of the location.
  • The space that needs to be insulated.
  • Availability of the insulation material.
  • Price and others.

Keeping all these factors in mind one has to choose the best insulation for the home.

Check these factors before you choose the best insulation:

  • Check on the ‘R’ value:

What is ‘R’ value?

The ‘R’ value of the insulation indicates the resistance power of the insulation to the heat flow. Please note that the higher the ‘R’ value, the greater the effectiveness of insulation.

  • Check on the places to be insulated:

Remember that the effectiveness of insulation depends upon place that needs insulation and the method of insulation. There are many kinds of insulation available. Use the right kind of insulation at the right place.

  • Check the product information:

All insulation products have product label. Check the label and confirm the ‘R’ value of the product. These labels clearly mention the ‘R’ value, health, safety and fire hazard issues. Spend some time to read the label and understand the value of it.

  • Check on some new products:

Don’t take hasty decisions. Check all the new products. There are the some new products that are available in the market that give higher ‘R’ values with less thickness.

  • Check on the different types of insulation:

There are many kinds of insulation that are available in the market. Choose the type of insulation depending on the places that you have to insulate. For example, if you have to insulate over head space, then you can choose blankets spray foam and other board products, and if you want to fill in cavities use blow in or foam spray insulation.

The various kinds of insulation are:

  • Baths or rolls.
  • Blow in loose fill insulation.
  • Foam insulation.
  • Rigid insulation.
  • Reflective insulation.
  • Radiant barriers.

Insulation plays a major role in retaining heat during the winter and does not allow the hot air entering the home in summer. It plays a major role in keeping your home warm in winters and cool in summers. It does not allow conditioned air to escape. Spend some time to choose the right insulation for your home.