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How Cans Bad Furnace Heating Maintenance Cost You Money and Life

Winters are here! Trees are without leaves, grass and ground covered with snow and frost, distant church bells indicating that Christmas is approaching. All these features point out to the fact that winters are here and make you ponder whether the furnaces at home are equipped enough to face winters. If heating maintenance is not done effectively, the furnace may not work at all leaving you in a house as cold as a tombstone. So timely heating maintenance can save you from all troubles.

What problems will you face due to bad maintenance?

  • A Propane furnace having rusted burners: Sometimes the burners get rusted so much that they will not be able to light. The furnace stops working and leaves you in a cold house.
  • A Bryant Furnace with clogged standing pilot: These pilots get clogged with dust and oxidation and even when it is relit, it does not burn.
  • Old furnaces with ribbon style burners: These old burners get rusted and emit ineffective orange flames and delayed ignition.
  • Inshot burners that are clogged: The in shot burners of gas furnace, when clogged, become life threatening. Due to delayed ignition, gas leaks and this is a dangerous situation. You can smell gas and sometimes leads to explosion.

After reading these common problems don’t you think that a proper heating maintenance is necessary for your furnace. There are many service providers who can help you with an AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract).

The service provider offers the following services:

  • Clean all the rusted burners.
  • Replace burners if they are beyond cleaning.
  • Clean the clogged pilots and burners.
  • Do a tune up of the heating equipment.

Why is AMC necessary for effective heating maintenance? It provides:

  • Regular check of the equipment.
  • Offers regular cleaning of rust and clogging.
  • Replacement services if any.
  • Immediate services.

Your furnace may be an old traditional one or the one with modern technology. Whatever it is, a proper heating maintenance is mandatory if you want a have comfortable winter.