AC Replacement

Is it time for a furnace replacement?

Winters are almost here. Temperatures are slowly dipping. Did you check your furnace? Has it become old and inefficient? It is time to replace the old with a new furnace. If you have decided to change the furnace three important processes should be followed. In this blog, I want to discuss these 3 processes.

Processes No 1: Choose an expert HVAC contractor: Choose a HVAC contractor, who is licensed, bonded and insured. Never trust a non licensed contractor for any of your HVAC installation, repair or maintenance services. Ask friends or colleagues or browse the net to find out the experts in this field. You can also get referrals from ‘BBB’ and Angie’s List’. These are agencies that can grade contractors. Find out how long the contractor has been in the business, are they NATE certified and whether they use quality products.

Process No: 2: Call the HVAC contractor for an inspection: Every knowledgeable contractor performs a thorough ESPI (Energy Smart Performance Inspection) to check the furnace. After this inspection he gives a candid report of the requirements. Then you can go in for a Heating replacement. Discuss all your heating needs with the contractors. He may help you with the installation of a better model, installation of humidifier and also installation of a 2 stage furnace which offer better comfort.

Process No: 3: Furnace replacement: Now the HVAC contractor will replace the furnace with efficiency. He will schedule an appointment, arrive on time, replace the heating equipment, complete the job on time without disturbing your routine and clear all the mess around finally. He may even brief you on how the heating system works.

With winters just round the corner, go for a furnace replacement and have a comfortable cozy winter.